Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Institute

Agnel Technical Education Complex

Verna Goa


Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Institute (A.E.D.I.) part of Agnel Technical Education Complex, Verna was set up in July 2000 with the aim of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the state of Goa since it is well established norm that entrepreneurs need not necessarily be born but can also be made.

The aim of the Institute is:
  • To prepare a list of viable industrial ventures from time to time.
  • To draw support from experts among /professionals from Research & Technical Institutes, etc. for providing technology back up to Entrepreneurs.
  • To identify and motivate rural entrepreneurs
  • To help entrepreneurs in upgrading the skills, wherever necessary.
  • To assist in securing finance from commercial Banks & State financial institutions etc.
  • To assist in complying with the terms and conditions stipulated by the primary lending institution and release of the amount sanctioned.
  • To assist in selection and installation of machinery / equipments.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in project implementation.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in establishing marketing linkages.
  • To assist entrepreneurs in forward and backward linkages required by them.
  • To provide handholding support to entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct the activities which will promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in the society.
The Objectives:
  • Making Enterprise potential survey
  • Conduction Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EAP's) Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC's), Rural Entrepreneurship Creation Programmes (RECP's), Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (REDP's).
  • Identity viable business opportunities having potential for growth.
  • Identify and select potential entrepreneurs (Individual/groups) for taking up Entrepreneurial career.
  • Enhance their motivation level through training and counseling.
  • Organize match between potential entrepreneurs and the business proposals for selected opportunities.
  • Help Entrepreneurship prepare Business Proposals / Project Reports for selected opportunities.
  • Provide linkage for credit support from Banks /Financial Institution.
  • Arrange for Skilled Training if necessary.
  • Support entrepreneurs in projects implementation.
  • Guide the entrepreneurs in projects implementation.
  • Provide backward and forward market linkages.
  • Ensure continues monitoring for timely, effective and successful implementation of the project.
  • Technical and Market support to the project established as per their specific need.
  • Documentation and periodic reporting.
  • Introduce strategic in project implementation based on the learning derived.
  • Preference to woman, persons having vocational artisan skills, rural educated and unemployed youth, etc. in all these activities.